Whipping Beam

from by Wren

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Whipping Beam

Get in where you fit in, try to find a seat to sit in
If you can’t find your place go back to the beginning
And do it all again and just take it on the chin
But then you’re back in the same situation you've been in
Losing even when you’re winnin, grinnin only when you’re sinnin
And you wish somebody would do ya like John Lennon
But you take it on the chin and then you do it all again
And meanwhile the whole damn world just keeps spinnin
If it keeps turnin why does it stand so still for me
Inside there’s a forest burning killing every living tree
I am slowly learning there is nowhere that is left to flee
Soon and very soon ashes will be all that’s left to see
Will this provide fertile ground for a rebirth
Of a different kind of animal not made for this earth
Not built for this society, every thought an impropriety
Cause I can’t worship money and call that shit piety

Tied up to a whipping beam
Stuck inside mechanic a dreams, when it's finally the end
They'll reload it all again

And again, and again, and again

No emotion, no reaction to the sound of the gavel pound
You know that this fate was just bound to be handed down
Upward mobility like a ship run aground
Cause this economic cycle keeps comin back around
Every era, every age century after century
The crown, the upper class, the wealthy, the landed gentry
On the backs of the lower Castes to maintain their plenty
don’t forget the past children cause the promise is empty
It’s so hypnotic, patriotic, robotic and episodic
Can we cut the cord cause this relationship’s not symbiotic
I sound like a Lib-Slacker lookin for a tree to hug
Get me reprogrammed or just pull the fuckin plug
Teach me how to find the lord and watch a lot of Fox news
And quit bitchin bout a system that has me set up to lose
Teach me to keep my head down and take it like the rest
Keep my nose to that grind till the day I clutch my chest


from The Horatio EP, released July 1, 2014




Wren Columbus, Ohio

Wren is a reformatted alternative band from Columbus, OH. The band features rock roots with elements of funk and hip-hop heavily incorporated. The new Wren is able to transition from heavy rock to light alternative to rhythm-core hip-hop including rapped verses & sung choruses over guitar effects, slap bass lines and funk/rock drum beats. ... more

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