And Then There Were Two

by Wren

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This is Wrens first release in 2014 and the bands first since the self-produced 2012 demo.


released April 1, 2014

Wren is -
Paul Lindberg - bass/rap vocals
Tim Cowan - guitar/vocals

Percussion provided by Mark Vance

Recorded by Bob Leonard at Paper Tiger Studios
Mastering by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering




Wren Columbus, Ohio

Wren is a reformatted alternative band from Columbus, OH. The band features rock roots with elements of funk and hip-hop heavily incorporated. The new Wren is able to transition from heavy rock to light alternative to rhythm-core hip-hop including rapped verses & sung choruses over guitar effects, slap bass lines and funk/rock drum beats. ... more

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Track Name: Pretty Pretty Plastic
Verse 1
It ain’t easy dealin’ with all these acquisitions and mergers
When all I wanna do is focus on executions and murders
I’m on the top floor but you know I gotta be pushin’ it further
To the roof of the world I keep climbin’ like a Sherpa
And I don’t know, and I can’t explain exactly what drives me
But what I can say is there’s very precious few who survive me
Cause everything’s been divided down to the smallest fraction
Now there’s just an idea, some type of abstraction
I try to feed my appetite but it keeps gettin’ bigger
For another penny I’d sell my own mother down the river
I don’t feel a damn thing not even the slightest shiver
Every now and then somethin’ causes memories to trigger
Of a faded version terminated too long ago to cast aspersion
Perpetrated, violated, tormented without diversion
Concentrated, decimated, forced into extreme emersion
Liquidated, infiltrated into total introversion
We are all to blame been shouldering all this shame
We’ve been stuck inside a game stuck holding every, every
Everything’s eventual everyone’s demise
Been hearing lots of rubbish – telling lots of lies
The shadows betray you – because you belong to me
You can run from it, run from it all you want

Verse 2
I got the perfect adaptation for any situation man
You feel flesh grippin’ back when you go to shake my hand
Classification human down to the DNA strand
The fact that there’s no one here is what you can’t understand
Tyler isn’t here, Tyler went away
Time to march out the alter-egos like and army on parade
Each persona just as fake as the one its stepin’ next to
And they all kinda look the same like an uncle and a nephew
All of this has happened before, and it will happen again
Every time we change our skin and pretend that we ain’t hollow men
We begin the trend to over-extend the grin way to thin and blend
So as not to offend have more money to spend
Cause we don’t, wanna step out the zone
And no we don’t, wanna go home alone
No we don’t, wanna be seen on the outside
It’s cold and tantamount to career suicide
We are all to blame been shouldering all this shame
We’ve been stuck inside a game watching everything burn
Fire will burn if you’re way to close – like a riot that builds when angers out of touch
The sleeper must awaken cause this split is tough
All the monsters deep inside they never get enough
I’ve said it once, I’ll twice they’re deep inside
Imagining all your flesh it’s how they stay alive
History abhors my paradox this much is true

Pretty pretty plastic boys
Striving to be background noise
Always thinking that you’re right
Pretty pretty plastic boys

Pretty pretty plastic boys
Track Name: XYZ
Verse 1
Tell me what you mean about the space between us
All I see is yesteryears and long gone meanings
As if some bells would toll and they'd take us away
Watching from towers on high like some kind of saint

Verse 2
I've got a lock and I've got a key
It’s like a straight shot through infinity
But I got confronted by some kind of Destiny
She pulled the noose loose and set me free

We're always wanting
Never needing
Your social season reasons disease and boycotts treason
When you're gone away too long they'll turn on you with charm
I’ll tell you what you need
Another dose of XYZ